The Micro Centaur +  is an improved version of the original Micro Centaur, adding new features and accessories. Its space-saving design and programmable features makes it an ideal choice for your laboratory.


Automatic locking while the rotor is in motion. An indicator light signals when the rotor has come to rest and the lid may be opened safely. Together with automatic out-of-balance detection system.


Maintenance free, brushless drive. spare parts available for at least 10 years after production has ceased. Easy access to components via the front panels.


The Micro Centaur + weighs only 5 kg meaning you can easily carry it from one laboratory to the next.  The small footprint makes it an ideal choice in laboratories where space is a premium.


The aerodynamically designed rotor spins smoothly and quietly, virtually without vibration, even at maximum speed. Various range of accessories and custom-made adaptors available on request.


More than 80 years of experience in the industry. Robust and easy to last. High level final quality control before dispatch from our factory.

  • Hospital and clinical
  • Medical research institutes or organisation
  • Universities
  • Biotech and pharmaceutical research
  • Blood banking
  • Industries – chemical, water supply, etc.
  • General education
MSE Cat No. Description Max. RPM Max. RCF Max. Capacity
MSB010.CX3.1 Micro Centaur + laboratory centrifuge (110V/60Hz) 14,500 15,279 48 ml
MSB010.CX3.5 Micro Centaur + laboratory centrifuge (230V/50Hz) 14,500 15,279 48 ml
MSE2256 Hematocrite rotor for 24 capillaries 14,500 14,574 24 x 50 mm
MSE1252 Angle rotor for PCR strips with Hermetically Sealed Lid (angle 45°) 14,500 13,163 (2 x 8, 2 x 4) x 0.2 ml
MSE1253 Angle rotor 12 x 2/1.5 ml with Hermetically Sealed Lid 14,500 15,279 12 x 2/1.5 ml
MSE1255 Angle rotor 24 x 2/1.5 ml with Hermetically Sealed Lid (angle 45°) 14,500 15,279 24 x 2/1.5 ml
MSE1254 Angle rotor 18 x 0.5 ml with Hermetically Sealed Lid  (angle 45°) 14,000 12,928 18 x 0.5 ml


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Product catalogue

Height (mm) 180 mm
Width (mm) 220 mm
Depth (mm) 270 mm
Weight (kg) 5 kg
Maximum capacity 24 x 2 ml
Maximum speed 14500 rpm
Maximum RCF 15279 x g
Timer 15 seconds to 99 minutes 45 seconds, 15s step
Noise output <56 dB
Number of acceleration rates 3

Number of brake rates 3
Number of programs 9
Display Digital LED
Motor Brushless induction drive
Safety features Automatic lid lock, imbalance cut out, etc.
Temperature control range air cooled
Power supply 230V, 3.15A, single phase, 50/60Hz
110V, 3.15A, single phase, 50/60Hz
Catalogue number: 230V, 50/60Hz MSB010.CX3.5
110V, 50/60Hz MSB010.CX3.1