Our Services

Our Services

Why Choose Us?

MSE is an international laboratory equipment company with over 85 years of experience. Our equipment is designed and built with proven reliability. We aim to provide the highest quality product and service to our customers. Please find an overview of our service offerings below.

Customer service and spare parts

Our team provides comprehensive and immediate response to any inquires and claim. Even if a model has been discontinued, spare parts and services are still available. This, as well as the long life of our products guarantees low operating costs. Please contact us for any service offering, technical inquires or spare parts.

MSE Services Customer Service

Equipment maintenance

MSE and our authorised partners offer service contracts following your purchase. Qualified service engineers will perform maintenance annually and replace parts if necessary, in order to ensure reliable and safe operation. Replacement of spare parts is included in the contract subject to terms and conditions. Please contact us or our authorised partners for details.

MSE Equipment Maintenance

Warranty and extended warranty

All MSE products have a warranty time of 24 months. Therefore, it is important for you to register your equipment. We also provide extended warranty options. Once extended warranty is purchased, your unit will be covered under the same terms and conditions as during the standard warranty period granted. Warranty terms and conditions are indicated in the product manual. Please contact us for details.

Technical Training

We provide detailed and thorough training on all our products. Should your engineers require technical training or if you are interested in becoming our qualified partners, please contact us for details.


MSE Services Technical Training